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Supplying the perfect flooring



Sub - Floor Preparation, Renovation and Smoothing/Levelling

Poor and damaged sub-floors don’t always need to be removed and replaced, they can sometimes be repaired.  One of our experienced team can survey and advise accordingly and ensure full manufacturer’s warranty.


We use the latest laser levels and can achieve the highest standards of levelling and have completed a number of operating theatres and CT scanner rooms where the levels required need to be within a +/- 1mm tolerance.  Our sub floor preparation equipment is connected to M class dust extraction systems to ensure a safe area with minimal dust and mess created.


There are a variety of smoothing compounds on the market designed for use at differing depths and for differing environmental factors and subfloors.  Our team has extensive knowledge of all products and manufacturers to ensure the appropriate product is used to create the perfect base for your flooring material to be installed upon.


Damp Proof Membrane Systems

All sub-floors should be tested for residual moisture.  Where moisture content either from construction or rising damp is found to exceed British Standards this can cause a flooring installation to fail in numerous ways and so it is essential to control the release of the moisture through to the floor finish.  DPM’s are designed to control differing levels of moisture.  Our project managers can visit site, test the floor and advise on the appropriate product to use.


Pump Applied Smoothing Compounds

Larger, uneven or out of level sub floors can be resolved by using a pump applied smoothing compound.  This method is used when fast track installations are required as large areas can be completed to a high standard in a short period of time enabling program to be reduced and installations to be quicker.


Entrance Matting

We can supply & install both primary and secondary matting.  Different matting solutions are available dependent upon anticipated footfall into a building.  The correct entrance matting can reduce the overall life cycle costs of all products in a building by reducing the transmission of external dirt & moisture into the building.  Certain manufacturers also offer “logo’d” matting, bespoke made for that extra WOW factor.

Broadloom Carpet & Carpet Tiles


Both have natural warmth and acoustic properties which is often of benefit within certain areas.  Where carpet tiles are chosen there is an added practical element as individual tiles can be replaced if necessary due to localised damage or spills etc.



This product is manufactured from natural raw materials and free from plasticisers and synthetic additives. It is an excellent flooring choice in almost all applications and is widely used in healthcare, schools, hospitality and retail.


Vinyl & Rubber

There is a wide selection of vinyl flooring to choose from.  Dependent upon the areas of usage we can supply anti-slip vinyl; vinyls designed for wet barefoot areas; aesthetically appealing & bright coloured products making area not only practical but also bright and inviting.  Acoustic vinyl is also available to prevent sound travel and enables a practical finish to upper floors where acoustic issues are more prominent.  Vinyl can also be “coved” up the wall, especially in kitchens and wet areas to ensure containment of any liquids in the area. EC & SD – These products are designed for use in server rooms, scanning rooms, laboratories etc.  Each project will have different requirements but our team will be able to ensure the products are installed correctly to ensure compliance.



(Luxury Vinyl Tile) – This product combines the ease of cleaning of vinyl with the practicality of a carpet tile as individual planks can be replaced if damaged.  Most are now offered in either wood or stone effect and create a stylish and hard wearing flooring solution.


Sports Floors

Various manufacturers offer a range of sports floors whether it be vinyl or hardwood.  We can supply the appropriate floor tailored to the anticipated usage of the sports area/facility.


Resin Coatings

Epoxy Coatings

Hygienic Wall Cladding

Value Engineering


Our estimators have strong relationships and in depth knowledge of products available on the market.  This allows us to identify potential cost savings from the very inception of a project.  The team also work closely alongside the project managers and are constantly updated with practical and up to date information on product performance.  We will only recommend cost savings with products that maintain the integrity of the design and functionality of the building.  Regardless of the size of the project, our aim is for all customers to be 100% happy.


Project Management

Our entire team is here to help with your project from inception to completion.  We have computer programmes that can create quantified drawings to calculate exact quantities of material required, including wastage factors, to help ensure that the project stays on budget.


Our project managers are all SMSTS qualified and have many years’ experience between them.  Each one has originated from a fitting background and so understand the needs on site of both the main contractor and the operatives completing the installation.  Our entire team operate professionally at all times and the project managers whether visiting or continually on site will be able to assist in programming, foreseeing and over coming potential pitfalls and generally ensuring the project is completed to our mutual satisfaction.


Each project is allocated a project manager as a 1st point of contact and the operations manager is based at  our head office to support each project manager and be a 2nd point of contact if needed.  Both will remain fully conversant with your project to assure it’s smooth running at all times.


All of the above are carried out by our fully qualified and  highly experienced workforce who each hold a current CSCS card and NVQ Level 2 certification for their specific trade.

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